Chris Carter

Additional Info

  • Country: DC, USA
  • Unique Notes: Consolidated audio files (stems) @ any bit depth, 44.1k or 48k (88.1k or 96k with prior approval)
  • Musical Genres: Rock, R&B, Indie, Electronica, Pop, HipHop, Acoustic
  • Favorite Equipment : My ears, ‘Nuff said.
  • Services: Mixing
  • Audio Mixing Price: From $195 to $550 maximum price guide


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Chris ‘Von Pimpenstein’ Carter is an award-winning hit record producer and mix engineer with three #1 hit radio singles, numerous top 40 charting records and over 100 placements in film/tv. He regularly works with artists ranging from as large as those on major labels such as Universal and EMI, to as small as the local indie band. Some of the artists Chris has worked with include Jasmine Trias, Backstreet Boys, J. Holiday, Christabelle, Mr.Rally, and more. Chris does all of his mixing work, including his major label work, out of his own private recording studio, The Feisty Chicken, which sports one of the flattest and most accurate control rooms in the greater D.C./Maryland/Virginia (the “DMV”) area and has all the gear necessary to take a record to #1.

Chris Carter is endorsed by IK Multimedia and Gauge-USA.

Audio Gallery

Partial list of clients and artists

  • J Holiday (P/E/W/I)

  • Jasmine Trias (P/E/M/W/I)

  • Mr. Rally (M)

  • Natalise (P/E/M/W/I)

  • Stormy Strong (P/E/M/W/I)

  • Dahrio Wonder (P/E/M/W/I)

  • Backstreet Boys (P/W)

  • Christabelle (P/E/M/W/I)

  • LissaWassabi (W/M)

  • Kaila Yu (P/E/M)

  • Rozzi Crane (P/E/M/W/I)

  • Bobby Beams (M)

  • Blais (P/E/M)

  • Gemini (M)

  • J.Davinci (M)

  • Mr. Rally (M)

  • B Soulz (M)

  • The Deep (M)

  • Corey Action (P/E/M/W/I)

  • Cyssero (P/E/M/W/I)

  • Nu Jerzey Devil (M)

  • Alvendia (P/E/M)

  • Yvette (P/E/M/W/I)

  • Dawn (P/E/M/W/I)

  • Sheen (P/E/M/W/I)

  • Admit 2 (P/E/M/W/I)

  • C-Style (P/E/M/W/I)

  • Martial Anney (P/E/M/)

  • Modrec (M)

  • Here In Arms (M)

  • Renee Sebastian (P/E/M)

  • Jody Whitesides (P/E/M/W/I)

  • Janeska (P/E/M/W/I)

P=Produce E=Engineer M=Mix W=Write I=Instruments

Partial list of record labels




Chris makes tracks BANG!!! And, he's great to work with; he's really personable and will always be artistically open. On top of everything, he's diligent and meticulous so you always get what you want in the time you want it in. 
- Natalise

Chris is a very patient man, understanding and great to work with. It’s unbelievable how he is able to understand my thoughts and my feelings and always push to do a harder job. One word to describe him is Awesome!".
- Christabelle

When working on something as personal asmy music, I need someone who can see and feel the vision and help bring it tolife in a supportive and collaborative way. Working with Chris Von P., hevisualizes and traps aural ideas long before they are ever documented in anyform... in his head. He pushes me to create where time becomes meaningless, andthe magic of music is given berth to breathe and comes to life. He has a knackfor cutting to the essence of a song and works tirelessly to help bring it tolife. Its about getting to the heart and bringing it out, letting it shine;that’s what he does best. His skills are next to none and when I go intothe studio with Chris I may not know where the journey will lead, but I knowthat we come back with stories and something amazing. 
- Stormy Strong

Working with Chris was amazing. He took my sound to another level and brought me the main stream attention I was looking for. Chris has a true love for music and the projects he works with. You can tell that he puts his heart into it to bring the best quality sound out of the artist. 
- Blais

I've worked with Chris for the last 8 years. Professional GREAT quality work is what he constantly delivers.I’m always extremely satisfied with his great song mixing abilities. This GUY KNOWS HIS STUFF!!
- Dahrio Wonder