Frequently Asked Questions 

If you cannot find the answer to your question, just let us know via the contact page.


Can i choose my audio engineer?

Yes – you can choose one of mixing Audio Pros highly skilled audio mixing engineers. Your chosen audio engineer may be busy, in which case turnaround times may be slightly longer than the normal 5 days, however If this is the case then we will discuss this directly with you.


What is a revision?

When you hear the first audio mix result you may wish for some tweaks within the audio mix such as the dimension on the guitars, the backing vocals being too present or the guitar needs to brightened. Within you price, we offer two audio mix revisions. It is in everyone's interest that we understand in the first instance what you are looking for and hence why we ask for as much information as possible and a rough audio mix of the music. If you require a major revision we will reserve the right to charge a fee for your chosen sound engineer who will work on you revision.

Why is there a "price range", with a minimum to maximum guide price for each audio engineer?

Professional audio engineers charge clients based on the actual work involved as reputation in this industry for the audio engineer is everything and mixing Audio Pros is not a factory. To do this, we send a rough mix of your work to the sound engineer you wish to mix your material, so by calculating the correct price before, the audio engineer can allow the time to achieve the professional result you want and hence why we asked the audio engineers to provide us with a guide minimum and maximum price for an audio mix as a guide for you.


What is the "find out more" button for?

The “find out more” button on each engineer’s page allows you to ask mixing Audio Pros questions about an audio engineer, start up a dialog with us about a project. You can even discuss in more detail an EP or Album you have and the estimated audio engineers price for mixing the project so budgets can be correctly estimated. Some people just use "find out more" to ask a technical question about a piece of gear or what the sound engineer thinks about the a particular part of an audio mixing process. Just ask…


What does the starting price of an audio engineer represent in terms of a song?

Each audio engineer varies, but generally a song that could be mixed at the starting price of price guide range equates to an acoustic track with guitar, piano and vocals which would take a few hours to mix.

Can I ask my audio engineer if they can use a particular piece of equipment listed on their page?

Yes - you can ask the audio engineer to use a certain piece of equipment that he has listed if the audio engineer believes that this is the right for the mixing situation.

I have more than one piece of music to mix - can i get a better price from my sound engineer?

Yes - we will speak with the engineer and see what bundle price we can offer you based on the information that you give us. We always try to help as much as possible and hence why we have a musical administrator to help you and communicate with you and your chosen sound engineer.

I’m a dance music producer and I really want an analogue synth playing my basslines for fatter sound. If i send you the MIDI part can you replace it with an analogue synth?

If you have a part you’re not happy with, then get in touch and we can find you the right engineer who has the gear to help you get things the way you want them.

We want to add some electronic elements and extra depth to our tracks with some effects and textures but we don't have the right equipment, can any of the audio engineers help with this kind of thing?

If you feel something is missing from your tracks that can’t be fixed in the mix, get in touch with us and we’ll be able to recommend one of our audio engineers to help add some extra production to your tracks to help get them where you want them to be.

I programmed a simple string section in the chorus of my track and it's simple but effective. I just used a basic string sound in my software sampler and it sounds a bit synthetic in places. Can you replace it with a better quality orchestral sample library or even a real string section?

We have many talented musicians and engineers available to help you get your music sounding how you want it to. Please get in touch with us and we can discuss the options of how to achieve this.

Can I pay other than by PayPal?

Currently we only take PayPal as a means of payment due to transaction speed, short time frames and getting you starting your project, however, for larger projects and frequent clients we are open to suggestions and can discuss this with you.

Why is there a PayPal processing fee on my invoice?

mixing Audio Pros adds the amount that PayPal charge us to receive the funds into our PayPal account and although the rate can change, it is currently circa 3.5% of the total invoice.