How our Online Audio Mixing and Mastering Service works!


When you have chosen the sound engineer that you would like to make an audio mix of your material, we need to send the audio engineer a rough audio mix of your work with any notes you have. This is so that we can discuss your project and what you want with the sound engineer; be it a single, EP or Album that you wish to have mixed or mastered.

In the case of audio mixing, we need to understand exactly what you want so we can move your rough mix to the required level. There is no need asking the engineer to spend hours on your mix, if you don’t need it and likewise, the sound engineer may identify specific editing that will enhance the song.

If you have not used our service before and need more information on how all this works, or just want talk to us about your project in more detail and how we can help before you decide, then click on the “find out more” button which is on every engineer’s page. We can then talk with you in more detail about any of our audio mixing and mastering services or sound engineers and answer any questions you may have.

Every sound engineer has a guide starting price for each audio service he or she offers, these are listed on each engineer’s page. Once we have the audio mix and the engineer has listened to and identified the amount of work required, the sound engineer will provide us with a price that we will discuss with you. If the amount falls within your budget and you agree, then we will send you a PayPal logo invoice via email for payment and then work will start.

At this point you need to send us the files ready for audio mixing, dry without effects or reverb – you will need to bounce these tracks from the start point of your track (bar 1). Normally our audio engineers wish to receive the audio stems (WAV or AIFF files at 44.1 or 48kHz; 24 bit - without audio clipping and printed midi/virtual instruments) or the session files of certain DAW's (Pro Tools, Logic or Cubase). We will check the files with the reference mix of your material you sent before and make sure that the audio stems or files you have sent are in place or not missing.

At this stage we can start the creative dialogue and discuss with you your vision of the audio mix and you can provide us with any other reference material you have, be it your own or that of other artists. The more information that we have, the better.

Your sound engineer will send you an audio mix for you to listen to in your own familiar listening environment. At this stage you will be able to discuss directly any eventual revisions so that the final tweaks can be made and that we can send to you a polished mix at 24bit WAV file of your track. Two revisions are included in the price.

We will keep all original material for a 6 months period at which the files will be erased from mixing Audio Pros servers unless you wish for us to store them for a longer period - you just let us know, there is no charge for this.