"A true result, sounds tight, great work on the backing vocals, just what I wanted!"
- Henry D.
Engineer Richard Lake

"Great session with Grant, really happy with everything....tracks sounding fantastic
- Gorgeous George.
Engineer Grant Strang 

"Just to say thanks for your work on our Piano Vocal album last night - you really have mixed it excellently and captured just what I was saying I wanted at the beginning of the sesh in terms of hanging it all together.  As Ewen put it to me, it has moved what was seeming like a side project or demo-y piece into a proper album which stands tall against our other output"
- Jonothan Rallings – The Assorted Family Circle.
Engineer Jessica Corcoran 

"Hey Nath, the band loves the mixes. Everybody is quite impressed by your work, well done."
Luke Badger - The Drawing Class.
Engineer Nathan Johnson 

The only difficulty we had was getting Chris to buy us a pint. All in all, an enjoyable few days and an end product we were all delighted with.
- Turrentine Jones
Engineer Chris Hamilton

Chris makes tracks BANG!!! And, he's great to work with; he's really personable and will always be artistically open. On top of everything, he's diligent and meticulous so you always get what you want in the time you want it in. 
- Natalise
Engineer Chris Carter

Lukas is an incredible sound engineer, gifted with versatility around all genres. He has mastered perfection, and gives consistent results. Also Lukas is great to work with with impeccable communication skills.
- Peter "Snoopa" Panayi
Engineer Lukas Rimbach

Just co-wrote a song with Jack at his studio. What a cool place that instantly puts you in a creative state of mind. Great vibes and overall great experience. Highly recommend.
- Johanna Penttilä
Engineer Richard Jack Guy

Digital Bear Entertainment is making my songs sound cool! Thank you! I am blown away by the magical world of mixing you run, Jordan Tishler.
- Georgia English
Engineer Jordan Tishler

Steve, we are beyond pleased with your mastering. As soon as I have finished mixing the other tracks I will put them in your very capable hands. Again thanks for a fantastic job on our music.
- Cheers, Tim Winton
Engineer Steve Corrao